OFFCUTS: Masterchef v My Kitchen Rules 

THERE seems to be a battle of the cooking shows on at the moment between My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef: The Professionals.

And fans are loyal and devoted – are you a My Kitchen Rules foodie or a MasterChef: The Professionals diehard?

Team Manu or Team Marco?

I have to admit that I’m a MasterChef kind of gal. I wouldn’t have a clue about what goes on in MKR, something about teams and cooking and the other teams judging?

But I’m not sure how Pete and Manu fit into it.

I really should watch it one of these days.

What’s appealing to me about this incarnation of MasterChef is the addition of Marco Pierre White and the fact the format is about a bunch of professionals putting themselves on the plate.

Having trained chefs battle it out adds a slightly gladiatorial atmosphere to the show. This isn’t just wannabes making a mess – these are people with their careers and reputations on the line. There’s something ruthless, yet devastating, about it.

Which hatted restaurants are going to hire a reject from the early elimination rounds?

Or who wants to eat at a restaurant where the chef thinks putting banana in aioli is a good idea? I’d also be avoiding a chef so arrogant they question the credentials of Marco Pierre White.

Speaking of whom, this man has a reputation to be feared.

He once cut open an employee’s uniform when they dared to complain about the temperature in the kitchen. His kitchen tales are the stuff of legends.

And yet we are presented with a man who is firm, fair, fabulous, and a complete softy when it comes to consoling blubbering messes. Team Marco forever.

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DINING IN: Masterchef’s Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White.